Why this blog?

Because IT and life are getting further and further apart.

Information technology is becoming a dominant feature in everyone’s life. There is not much one can do today without running into computers. Services that used to be provided by people to people are increasingly being moved into the domain of computer-person interaction. This movement does not always happen without friction. All of us have wondered why a certain machine works in a certain way, such as an ATM allowing you to enter a wrong PIN, then asking you for the amount of money, and then telling you the PIN was wrong.

As I teach user interface design and other IT related material at the HAAGA-HELIA University, I’ve noticed that there is a need to point out usability issues in our everyday life. These issues will hopefully form the backbone of the blog; other material will come from my pet project, learning (and teaching) 3D design using Blender, the open source environment that delivers the same power as very expensive proprietary software packages.

And I will also report on any development in IT, no matter how whimsical, if it happens to tickle my fancy. Bear with me – I hope you’ll be entertained.

Oh by the way – I have another site where I collect all kinds of online stuff I have. See Heikki’s Blog | A collection of this’n’that, I hope you enjoy it too.


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