Hi all,

I have consolidated all my sites to one ISP, and this site will not exist here for long.

You can find it now at http://www.sabulo.com/sb/tech-blog/ , from today onwards.

I hope you will come along!


What is this site all about?

It seems I have accumulated many sites on which I have some type of presence. Getting people to visit these has become a little troublesome, because I have not had a single address from which one could access all the content I have created or participated in.

Therefore I decided to create this blog and use this as a springboard to all the other sites, and thus avoid the hassle of directing people to many different sites.

Tech Blog is a blog in which I report on issues that happen to strike my fancy. I may write about Excel, Word, or Powerpoint tricks and of course about Blender, my dearest tool.

Tulagi Hotel Blog is a blog on Tulagi Hotel’s site in which I depict the journey of Tulagi Hotel, and where I manage a set of book reviews.

My Writing covers the book Tulagi Hotel, my short stories as seen around the Internet, and other links related to writing.

3D Design contains links to my 3D design work using Blender, the open source environment for modeling. The material is hosted on Pinterest.

3D Printing contains images and printable STL files for things I have designed and printed using a MiniFactory 3D printer.

Thanks for popping by!

2 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I’ll make a point of reference of this page.
    The world needs more Heikki!

  2. You’re biased, Alle, but thanks 😀

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